NordAN Conference will weigh the reasons for changing views on alcohol policy

Societies are changing all the time. Our ability to tackle social problems improves as our know-how gets better over time. But that doesn´t mean, we will make only good decisions as economic interests and different political worldviews push societies to different directions, compared to ones we consider as evidence-based policies.

NordAN conference will take place in Helsinki, Finland on October 11-12, 2019.

Small Iceland is making global waves with its effective alcohol and drug policies and programs. Countries like Chile and Australia are learning from Iceland how to deal with youth drinking. But one of the political discussions in Iceland is how to change that system. Why is that?

Finland, our hosting country this year, has opened some doors for growing alcohol sales. At the same time, the new government seem to prioritise the traditional Nordic model and holding the EU presidency at that time, will also raise alcohol issues as one of the themes. NordAN conference will be organised as a side-event to the EU presidency.
Nordic countries are famously reliable with their social policies, including alcohol policy, but for some reason, voices in these countries, which demand liberalisation, are growing.

In 2019 NordAN is working with a project studying the alcohol policy views of the political youth organisations. We are asking if these youth organisations are in line with major political parties in Nordic countries and what kind of change we can see in that level which decides the future policies in our countries.

As always, NordAN conference brings together alcohol and drug policy experts from all Nordic and Baltic countries, and also representatives from key institutions in Europe.

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