NordAN congratulates the Government and Parliament of Greenland

NordAN sent today a letter of support addressed to The Premier of Greenland, Mr Kim Kielsen, The President of Inatsisartut, the Parliament of Greenland, Mr Lars-Emil Johansen and The Minister for Health and Nordic Cooperation, Ms Agathe Fontain congratulating them for the recent amendments to alcohol policy.

On November 20, Greenland Parliament adopted a set of regulations that included a regulation that alcoholic goods shall be kept separate from other goods in shops. Read more about it HERE.

“Banning alcohol advertising and further regulating the availability of alcohol is strongly supported by the WHO and scientific evidence. As you have explained in the rationale of the alcohol policy bill, alcohol is causing different societal harms, ranging from family violence to health problems. Addressing the problem with alcohol policy measures, that should be supported by other prevention, treatment and enforcement interventions, is the right way to tackle the alcohol issue,” the letter stated.

Find the letter HERE