NordAN invited Latvian parliamentarians to avoid tax war with Estonia

NordAN sent a letter of concern to the Saeima (Latvian Parliament) members on Wednesday (June 19) as the decided to move on with a plan to reduce alcohol taxes to counteract the decision earlier made by Estonia to lower beer and spirits taxes by 25% from July 1.

“Alcohol is not an ordinary commodity. Access to cheaper alcohol is linked to growing alcohol related problems. NordAN is concerned about a “race to the bottom” in alcohol policy that threatens the public health of our citizens. Price competitiveness seems to cloud the primary goal of alcohol policy, which should always be the health and well-being of people,” the letter states.

“What we want to turn your attention to, before you move on to voting on the matter on Thursday, is that while your focus might be on financial and budgetary questions, lowering alcohol taxes will not only affect the situation around cross-border trade but first and foremost the health behaviour of your own people.”

Find the letter HERE