NordAN is looking into social marketing

NordAN organized a seminar on social marketing at offices of EHYT ry last Friday. EHYT is the umbrella organization specializing on prevention and advocacy, dealing with different substances and addictive behaviours. It is also NordAN member organisation.

NordAN’s interest in social marketing is based on its international cooperation. NordAN has about 90 member organisations from all Nordic and Baltic countries. They differ by size and their field of activities but they all work to tackle alcohol related harm.

Lauri Beekmann, Secretary General:
International networks have several opportunities to serve their members and fulfil its purpose. One is to do something that members from different states commission the network secretariat to do. For instance like European Alcohol Policy Alliance Eurocare, situating in the heart of the European Commission offices in Brussels and advocating for effective alcohol policy measures on behalf of its members. Another function is to create contacts between different countries and organisations. Belonging to a network opens different doors to start bilateral cooperation, share know-how and learn from each other. A step further from that would be to share materials, projects and resources with other organisations. That would make a network really worth while by helping the cause much further and solving at least partly the financial problem that NGO-s almost always have.

Social marketing is rather new discipline. As it also came out at the seminar, not all organisations who are using these methods, have been knowingly doing social marketing. There is much to learn. And when to think of our variety of organisations, only some have professionals among our ranks.
Now, is social marketing cost-effective? I guess it largely depends on a budget. If we don’t have enough resources, people who know what they are doing and appreciation of the method, we probably wont see results. It seems that too often we are stuck behind lack of finances.
As we are sharing the same goal in our different countries, could we increase our cooperation level by sharing the materials that we already have? This is what NordAN network is going to work with more in coming months and years.

Take a look at the presentations of Social Marketing seminar (coming in next few days).
NordAN will organize a special workshop on Social Marketing at the 6th European Alcohol Policy Conference taking place in Brussels on November 27-28.