NordAN resolution 2013: Alcohol policy in public health perspective for 2014-2020

Nordic Alcohol and Drug Policy Network (NordAN) endorses Nordic Councils proposal “Alcohol and tobacco policy in public health perspective for 2014-2020” and invites Nordic Council of Ministers to welcome the initiative guaranteeing thus the future for a strong Nordic alcohol policy.

As a network of organisations from 6 Nordic countries and 3 Baltic countries, NordAN turns attention to

– alarming levels of alcohol consumption (especially among young people) in the region;
– growing evidence base on alcohol related harm and measures to tackle these harms;
– uneven regulation levels in different neighbouring countries (e. g. Tax levels, marketing practices etc);
– the necessity to acknowledge that alcohol consumption does not only affect the individual drinkers’ wellbeing and health but has widespread unacceptable and decisive consequences for societies and harms other people as well;
– active lobby activities from economic operators, who aggressively intervene in formation of public health policies protecting their commercial interests;
– lack of political commitment on different national and international levels;

and calls member states of the Nordic cooperation to seriously consider the points from Nordic Councils Welfare Committees proposal and to commit to public health oriented alcohol policy for this next period from 2014 to 2020.

NordAN encourages Nordic Council of Ministers to play a leading role in European and global alcohol policy discussion showing way from words to action.

NordAN is concerned by lack of alcohol policy developments in Baltic countries inviting Baltic Assembly and Nordic Council of Ministers into closer cooperation in alcohol policy.

NordAN appeals to every member organisation to work with local politicians, parliamentarians and ministers to support the Nordic Councils welfare committee proposal.

Adopted by General Assembly of NordAN

October 12, 2013
Tallinn, Estonia