NordAN stressed the importance of cross-border alcohol policies

On Thursday 20 July and Friday 21 July the informal meeting of the EU health ministers will be held in Tallinn. Main topics to be discussed are digital innovation in health, including free movement of data and alcohol policy in the EU.

“The harmful use of alcohol has a negative impact on the health of individuals and their families, but also on societies as a whole. In a more globalised world, some alcohol related problems are not easily solved with measures only at national level. The EU can play a role here,” Estonian presidency states in it´s press release. “During the meeting, ministers are invited to discuss about recent developments on alcohol policy in the EU. Also discussion will be focused on the most important aspects of alcohol policy at the EU level for member states, especially cross-border issues. The aim of the discussions is to identify the main gaps and challenges the EU is faced with and what the next steps should be in tackling cross-border issues of alcohol policy at the EU level during the coming years.”

NordAN sent a letter to all EU health ministers thanking Estonian presidency for setting cross-border challenges in reducing harmful alcohol use as one of the priorities in the health area and wishing determination and acumen in dealing with the issue.

“Alcohol has been an issue of controversy in Europe. Since 2012, when EU Alcohol Strategy ended, we have witnessed lack of leadership from the European Commission. Members States, European Parliament, Committee of the Regions and obviously a wide network of NGO-s have all demanded a continuation of EU Alcohol Strategy and a strong focus on reducing alcohol related harm. To our regret actual action has not followed,” NordAN letter stated.

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