NordAN supports Latvias attempts to advance alcohol advertising regulation

The Ministry of Health of Latvia has prepared two draft legislative acts based on measures in the Alcoholic Beverage Consumption Reduction and Alcoholism Restriction Action Plan 2012-2014. The draft legislative act on Handling of Alcoholic Beverages Law includes the prohibition of the display of persons in alcohol adverts and the prohibition to advertise special offerings of alcoholic beverages (except if placed in the point of sale and are not take-away). And the draft legislative act on Electronic media law includes restrictions of alcohol advertising on TV and radio from 6 am to 10 pm.

Although these amendments have already negotiated widely during the adoption process of the above mentioned Plan in 2012, the Ministry of Health is still discussing with the same stakeholders.

NordAN has sent today (June 17) a support letter to Ms. Laimdota Straujuma, the Prime Minister of Latvia encouraging her government “to focus on public health of your people and on the well-being and safety of your youth by adopting these amendments that restrict further alcohol advertising.”

“Amendments, that your government is proposing, are developments to the right direction. As you well know, there are parties to this matter, that are motivated by their economic interests and that oppose to these changes. This is not time for hesitations. This is time for action. Alcohol related problems are a burden to both social and economic capacity and data proves this to be true especially in all three Baltic countries,” says the letter that is signed by NordAN president dr Peter Allebeck and secretary general Lauri Beekmann.

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