Nordic-Baltic economic operators at odds with the law

During the last week several economic operators ended up being accused of braking the law concerning alcohol sale and production, ERR News reports.

Estonia: Liviko
The Prosecutor’s Office of Estonia has charged the four largest supermarket chains – including Selver, Rimi, Maxima and Prisma – and one alcohol retailer of a cartel agreement with alcohol producer Liviko to increase vodka prices in 2009.

According to the charge, the companies agreed to increase the price of a 0.5 liter bottle of 40-percent alcohol liquor to at least 63.5 kroons (4.06 euros). All those involved have denied the charge.

Finland/Denmark: Carlsberg 
After eight years of a legal dispute, Helsinki district court fined the Danish brewer Carlsberg for failing to pay the correct amount of tax via its Finnish subsidiary Sinebrychoff, says sources. The total tax amounts to €42m, Finnbay reports.

Finland and Carlsberg have been in dispute since 2006. The company did not pay any amount as it believed that it paid enough.

Carlsberg is preparing to appeal against the court’s decision. If Carlsberg wins the case the Finnish tax authorities will have to pay back tax together with interest and the penalty.