Norway: An App to Help Ex-Drug, Alcohol Abusers

Ex-drug and alcohol abusers who have completed their treatment need a simple support system and daily motivation.

How are my finances, and what must I do to get a place on a study course this autumn? Who can help me get housing benefit, and have I given NAV enough information? Now there is a new app which has the answers to all these questions and more.

In fact, the idea behind what will be both a support device and motivator came originally from abusers via Brygga, a co-operative organization funded jointly by Trondheim municipality and Rusbehandling Midt Norge (the Resource Centre for Drug and Alcohol Issues in Central Norway), reports Science Daily website.

The researchers have now tested the app’s content and user-friendliness for all the topics it covers. And the result is a thumbs-up from all those involved in the testing process.