Norway: how many would stop a drunk driver?

One out of five young people in Norway does not think they would stop a drunk driver from driving a car.

These results comes from a survey of Frende Forsikring. A total of 20 per cent of young people aged 18 to 29 respond  “no” or “do not know” about whether they would stop a drunk driver.

Experience from the police shows that from approximately 10,000 cases the police deals with every year, half comes after notification from the public.

– “It requires a courage to get up and intervene. You should be confident in yourself to do so,” says Roger Ytre-Hauge from Frende Forsikring, in a press release.

– “Our experience is that there are very negative attitudes to drunk driving in Norway. It is socially stigmatizing and I would expect that more people had answered “yes” to the question,” says Elisabeth Fjellvang Kristoffersen, the Secretary General of MA – Rusfri Trafikk, a voluntary organization that works against substance abuse in traffic and for increased traffic safety.

Source: TV2