Norway: Is it okay to get drunk in front of children?

What do people think about parents who drink in front of children? That was one of the questions of a national survey done in Norway earlier this month.

Of all the 25 situations people were asked to comment getting drunk in front of children was most condemned. At the same time people were the most tolerant when a parent had a glass of wine in front of their children.

38% of the respondents said that they have witnessed a parent being drunk in front of their children. “This is a high figure,” said the leader of organisation Av og til Kari Randen. “When such a large proportion of the population finds it uncomfortable, it is not difficult to imagine how it feels for the children,” she said.

She said also that it is a tradition not to speak about parental drinking. “We can talk about that parents give their children too much sugar or let them sit too much in front of the screen but not that mom and dad drink too much. Fortunately, this is beginning to change. I hope more dare intervene – it can mean a lot to many.”

The challenge is to make people aware that children have a different threshold, she emphasizes.

Source: Aftenposten