Norway: the number of unruly passengers is growing

Throughout last year, Norway´s Civil Aviation Authority received notification of 29 unruly air passengers.

This year it has already been 30, although half the year still remains. Recently, the police had to intervene after a drunk man in the 50s had behaved in an improper manner during a flight from Oslo to Evenes.

25 of this year’s unruly passengers have been drunk, according to the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authority’s overview.

“The problem with unruly passengers is unfortunately increasing, and not just in Norway. The same increase is seen in an international context, according to figures from the European Aviation Authority EASA” says Nanna Hermann Vik, aircraft operational inspector at the Civil Aviation Authority.

A new nationwide survey conducted by Opinion for Actis, suggests that many airline passengers have also had enough of unruly passengers. As many as every fourth (24 per cent) states that they would prefer to book a flight where no alcohol is served.

Six out of ten (58 per cent) say they would support of non-alcoholic flights where there are usually many families with children, such as charters.

In the same survey, almost every tenth (9 per cent) states that they have had unpleasant experiences with intoxicated people on international flights over the past five years.

* 93 per cent of those who have had such experiences have witnessed trouble or quarrels.

* 62 per cent have seen intoxicated parents with children.

* 60 per cent have felt unsafe or afraid.

* 26 per cent have received unwanted sexual attention.

* 19 per cent have been scolded or exposed to other insults.

* 14 per cent have been threatened.

* 10 per cent have got clothes or other belongings destroyed.

* 6 per cent have been physically injured.

“We believe the airlines should consider non-alcoholic flights or at least non-alcoholic zones,” says Actis´s Secretary-General Pernille Huseby. “Usually you can choose to go to places where alcohol is served. You can’t do that when you are stowed together on a plane.”

Source: Dagsavisen