Norway’s Christian Democrats Want to Increase Tax on Candy, Tobacco and Alcohol

Christian Democrats (KrF) enters into budget negotiation with a family financial support package. The party wants the package to be financed with taxes from candy, tobacco and alcohol.

The price war on sweets before the halloween celebration annoyed KrF’s newly elected chairman of the Parliaments Health and Care Committee, Olaug Bollestad, so much that increased VAT on sweets now becomes the most important source of income in KrF’s alternative budget, writes Aftenposten.

Christian Democrats, currently a rather small opposition party in Norway, plan to increase alcohol and tobacco tax by 5 per cent. The party wants also to abolish the two extra tax-free wine bottles Siv Jensen introduced in the summer of 2014 (if you do not bring tobacco from abroad, you can double your quotas for alcohol). Together this will be able to give the State increased revenues of 8-900 million kroner.

KrF needs money from both increased VAT and increased taxes on alcohol and tobacco to finance a number of proposals in its own budget, including the introduction of teacher education in primary and lower secondary schools, increased child benefit and more to voluntary organizations.