Oslo and Bergen could give away free heroin

Norway’s two largest cities could start giving away heroin for free to hardened drug addicts, in an effort to reduce the country’s death rate from overdose, the second highest in Europe after Estonia, The Local reports.

After the Labour Party took control of the two cities in last month’s local elections, it is expected to start trialing the policy in both cities, Aftenposten newspaper said on Friday.

“We have agreed not to prevent a trial of heroin-assisted treatment for the heaviest abusers, if the Bergen health authority wants to begin such an effort again,” Harald Schjelderup (Ap), the newly appointed Chief Commissioner for Bergen told VG.

At the same time, Labour’s Christian Democrat and Liberal allies in the city’s council are willing to back the opening of special safe rooms where heroin addicts and smoke and inject heroin and other drugs.

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