Riga is welcoming NordAN this weekend

Latvian capital Riga is hosting this years NordAN conference and General Assembly, taking place this weekend – October 11-12.

This is first NordAN conference in Riga which is also the Culture Capital of Europe this year. Conference “Advocacy in Action” gathers people from all Nordic and Baltic countries to learn more about advocacy which should not only be a theoretical term but it should be manifested in real and effective action.

Conference programme involves different approaches and speakers from near and far. We are looking at the experience of advocates from tobacco and alcohol field and their encounters with different industries. We focus on our member organisations activities by bringing you a whole list of good examples. We have also a special place for drug policy matters and of course for the Latvian situation.

“The theme of the conference will be ”Advocacy in action”, with contributions from experts working in tobacco control and on alcohol marketing,” said Peter Allebeck, president of NordAN. “Our Latvian colleagues are doing an admirable work for alcohol policy in Latvia, where problem levels are high, so we can expect interesting exchange of experiences from Nordic and Baltic countries on how to work with advocacy and alcohol as well as drug policy.We welcome you to an exciting conference in Riga!”


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