This is what we do “across the border”

A new cross-border pilot study, done by the Statistics Norway, shows that Norwegians traded a total of NOK 2 billion on day trip abroad in September 2019. More than half were spent on products such as soft drinks and mineral water, alcohol, snus and tobacco and sweets.

Of those who participated at the border trade in September 2019, 68 per cent bought food or groceries home. 61 and 60 per cent respectively bought soft drinks and chocolate/candy, while half bought alcohol and 42 per cent bought snus/tobacco.

Alcohol is the commodity category, where the second most money was spent. The study shows that 18 per cent of the amount spent on border trade was spent on alcohol, which is equivalent to NOK 359 million. NOK 199 million was spent on wine and spirits, and beer was traded for NOK 170 million. The share of the basket that goes to alcohol is somewhat higher than in 2010 when it was stated that 16 per cent was spent on alcohol.

Naturally, Norwegians spent the most money on border trade in Sweden. Almost 88 per cent of the money spent on border trade during day trips abroad in September 2019 was left there, which amounted to just under NOK 1.8 billion.

4 and 2.7 per cent of the border trade were made in Denmark and Finland respectively.

“We need to gather additional knowledge about border trade and what goods Norwegians trade abroad. This survey will give us a better overview,” says Minister of Trade and Industry Torbjørn Røe Isaksen in a government press release.

“The figures confirm the picture we have had of the border trade and give us a more detailed description of what goods people trade on the border. To say something about future developments, we will need more research,” says Finance Minister Siv Jensen.