Sweden: Fresh push for longer alcohol store hours

A board member for Sweden’s state-run alcohol monopoly Systembolaget has caused a stir by calling for stores to be open on Sundays, but the company’s management team has insisted that his suggestions are not likely to be implemented, The Local reports.

Carl B Hamilton, who is an economics professor and a former politician for the centre-right Liberal Party, made the controversial comments in debate article in Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter.

“The proposal that Systembolaget stores should be open on Sundays is something that Carl B Hamilton is suggesting as a politician, not in his capacity as being part of the board of directors at Systembolaget,” Terese Elmgren, a press spokesperson for the company, told The Local on Wednesday.

“This is not a question that has been discussed by Systembolaget’s Board of Directors and it is not something that Systembolaget’s management is working on…It’s the Swedish parliament that makes the decisions about Systembolaget’s opening hours,” she added.

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