Swedish drug addicts seek ‘better’ help in UK

One of the UK’s leading drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres is opening its doors to Swedish drug addicts and expats living in Scandinavia amid concerns that treatment in Sweden is hampered by bureaucracy and fails to offer therapy in English, The Local writes.

Castle Craig, which is Scotland’s oldest and largest addiction clinic offering both medical treatment and psychiatric and complementary therapies, is targeting people living in Sweden who are struggling to find treatment that works for them. It is set to receive its first patient from Scandinavia on March 9th.
One of the main problems for addicts in Sweden is a bureaucratic system that leaves many addicts with the feeling that they are falling between the cracks.
“Unlike in many European countries, in Sweden responsibility for professional addiction treatment is shared between local municipalities and county councils and split between hospitals and social services, so it can be quite confusing and complicated,” Anna Sjöström, the clinic’s representative in Stockholm told The Local. 
“Sweden has a strong reputation for healthcare but when it comes to addicts, they can end up slipping through the system because of this shared responsibility, especially if they are moving around or have dual diagnoses such as anorexia or other psychiatric problems,” she added.

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