Swedish study: Heavy drinking in midlife appears to increase stroke risk

Consumption of more than two alcoholic drinks per day during midlife appears to increase the risk for stroke and may shorten time to stroke by approximately 5 years, according to recent findings, writes

Researchers evaluated 11,644 participants enrolled in the Swedish Twin registry, which evaluated same-sex twins living in Sweden born between 1886 and 1925. Participants included in the present study were aged 60 years or younger at baseline and responded to a 1967 questionnaire specifically addressing alcohol consumption and smoking.

“Our principal finding expanding on previous research is that the risk of stroke attributable to alcohol consumption in midlife is not the same across older adulthood, but rather is moderated by age,” the researchers wrote. “The results imply that alcohol consumption should be considered as a relevant age-dependent risk factor [that] could have application to studies of younger patients with stroke.”

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