Who are the young adult Danish pre-drinkers, and why do they pre-drink before a night out?

Aim of this study published in the Scandinavian Journal of Public Health was to reveal young Danes’ main motive for pre-drinking and whether their motives and socio economic status can explain how much they pre-drink on an event-specific night out.

A binary logistic and negative binomial regression models were used on a survey of 670 Danes (aged 18–35 years) conducted on-site in 24 bars, clubs and pubs in four cities and towns in Denmark.

Young males drink on average 12.3 and females 9.3 standard units (defined as 8g of pure ethanol) of alcohol before a night out. Pre-drinking to be social is the most prevalent motive. Although lower income levels cannot explain whether a young person will pre-drink on an event-specific night out, young people’s income level and their motives explain the quantities they consume. Lower-earning males who pre-drank to save money consumed larger quantities of alcohol at home, but lower-earning females pre-drank larger quantities because they wanted to be out of control.

Not only young people’s motives for pre-drinking but also the price of off- and on-premises alcohol should be considered for outlining prevention strategies seeking to reduce the alcohol quantities that young people pre-drink before a night out.

Source: Scandinavian Journal of Public Health