World’s First Nationwide Networked Sober Clock-in System for Installed for SJ Train Drivers

Sweden’s leading train operator, SJ, is introducing a system during spring 2017 for unmanned, automated daily alcohol screening of their employees. The “Sesame Connect” system ensures all train drivers are sober at the start of every shift.

“With just 33 unmanned units covering the entire country, all SJ’s train drivers confirm they are sober every time they come to work. While daily alcohol screening has been used in many industries, I believe this is the world’s first nationwide, networked alcohol clock-in system.” Mark Hawthorne, VP Sales & Marketing, Hök Instrument AB.

When arriving at work, train drivers identify themselves using their ID card and then breathe gently towards the sensor inlet. This verifies there is no alcohol present in the breathe sample and registers them for work. As there is no mouthpiece or physical contact with any part of the equipment, it is an extremely hygienic and fast system.

The equipment is wall-mounted in the staff area and a new user can be tested every ten seconds (up to 360 people per hour) so there are no queues.

The system is fully integrated with the operational traffic management system, with immediate notification if alcohol is detected during a test. The company can thus minimize possible train delays by rapidly taking the necessary action.

“SJ have used Sesame Connect since April 2016 for train drivers in one region (Götaland). I see SJ’s decision to expand the system to cover the entire Swedish network as a major endorsement for the entire concept of daily alcohol screening. Our system is suitable for use more widely than the transport sector, e.g. construction, emergency services, logistics, mining and power generation.” Raimo Gester, CEO, Hök Instrument AB.

Source: Hök Instrument AB