Year in review – 2016 in alcohol and drug news

This is a selection of alcohol and drug news stories from Nordic and Baltic countries from 2016. Get an overview of the main developments in our region with this tour of the main headlines from media.


Finland: Online alcohol shops face 3 years of back taxes

Denmark: National campaign addressing alcoholism started this week

Infographic on “low risk” drinking guidelines in Nordic and Baltic countries


Finnish adolescents use less alcohol and drugs and perceive the risks smaller than before

Most Icelanders Still Opposed To Alcohol In Shops

Finland: Govt plans easing alcohol law

Denmark: Government to help young victims of alcohol and drug abuse

Study: Icelandic teenagers spend more time with parents, consume less alcohol, drugs


Latvia: Survey says 43% of seventh-graders have drunk alcohol

HBSC study: weekly smoking and drinking halved since 2001/2002

Finland: Alko to open up for online sales in November this year

WOCAD: We need global alcohol convention


Nearly 80 percent of Estonians in favor of complete ban on alcohol advertising

Finland and Sweden – biggest Nanny States in European Union

Why booze could get even pricier in Sweden

Finland: Alcohol consumption drops

Call For Discussion In Norway Around Alcohol In Skiing Culture

Nordic health ministers: Stepping up work on public health

Fewer people murdered in Greenland


Norway: Many students get lower grades thanks to drugs and alcohol abuse

Lithuanian municipalities team up with other Baltic cities to combat youth substance abuse

Many Finnish workers have drinking problems

Over 61,000 signatures collected in support of alcohol restrictions in Lithuania

Alcohol consumption in Estonia at more than ten-year low in 2015

Swedish police blame migrant sex attacks on ‘Nordic alcohol culture’


Drugs are losing popularity among students of Latvia

Popsicles laced with alcohol can now legally be sold to children in Denmark

The Nordics have the most expensive prices on food and alcohol in Europe

More Danes calling poison control centres as a result of cannabis use

Norway is the healthiest country in Europe


Norway: Record number of intoxicated drivers caught by the police

Lithuanian health min preps ban on online alcohol ads

Norway: One in ten pregnant women drink alcohol

Finland: Amended alcohol law won’t be used in 2017


Scandinavia’s largest drug injection room opens in Copenhagen

Norway: Is it okay to get drunk in front of children?

Could this Swedish finding help cure alcoholism?


Lithuanian stores start demanding ID from all alcohol buyers

Iceland´s Health Ministry Workgroup: Limit Some Drug Crime Sentences To Fines

New ESPAD results: teenage drinking and smoking down, but concerns posed by new drugs and new addictive behaviours

Denmark unhealthiest country in the Nordics

Estonia: Punishment for post-crash alcohol consumption to be toughened


Norway plans changes in drug policy

Norway: Parents fear grandparents alcohol use

Iceland: Police Against Drug Decriminalisation

Can CCTV curb drug runs between Sweden and Norway?

Danish government would allow minors to serve alcohol

Estonia: Tax authority wants alcohol tourists watched by cameras


Parliament Report Favors Closing of Duty Free Shops in Norway

Police say Christiania cannabis trade decimated

Greenland settlement stops alcohol sales

FINLAND: Child orgs against new alcohol law

Drug use on the rise in Iceland

Every Fourth Finnish Child Has Suffered From Their Parents’ Alcohol Use

New Estonian government: Excise duties on beer, wine, cider to rise


Norway: Support for strict alcohol policies

NordAN statement on youth drinking

Estonia receives strong international support

Minister: Estonian EU presidency to also tackle alcohol

Alcohol prices in Iceland still climbing

Danish teens still most boozy in Europe

Lithuania adopts substantial alcohol tax increases